One District, Four Categories and Four Awards Won at SA Terroir Wine Award

13 August 2019

There is one word that perfectly describes how the Waverley Hills team feel at this moment – Grateful. Novare SA Terroir Wine Award is a South-African competition founded by Marius Labuschagne and was created to discover the wines made in the various wine-growing areas that best reflect the terroir in which they were produced.  All wines must be certified Wine of Origin from a specific single vineyard, estate, ward or small district not divided into wards. Tulbagh is one of the various districts in SA and we are so proud to say that our wines won all four categories in our district.
Top Chardonnay  Waverley Hills Chardonnay 2018
Top Grenache Waverley Hills Grenache 2017
Top Shiraz Waverley Hills CW Reserve Shiraz 2015
Top Red Blend Waverley Hills SMV 2014
This comes after many other awards already achieved by Waverley Hills so far this year. CW Reserve Shiraz 2015
  • Gold Award from Mundus Vini Biofach, Germany
  • Gold Award from The Challenge International du Vin, France
  • Platinum from South African Wine Index
SMV 2014  
  • Top Gold from The Grand International Organic Wine Awards
  • Platinum from South African Wine Index
  • Gold from Frankfurt International Trophy
Chardonnay 2017
  • Silver Award from The Grand International Organic Wine Award
Shiraz 2017
  • Gold from The Grand International Organic Wine Award
  • Grand Gold from South African Wine Index
Grenache 2017
  • Gold Award from Grenaches du Monde, France (International Wine Competition for Grenache wines)
Grenache Rosé 2019
  • Gold Award from Gilbert & Gaillard, France
Winemaker, Johan Delport, never fails to prove why he is known as the Godfather of Grenache in SA.  He was the first in our diverse country to produce a 100% Grenache, and this year Waverley Hills released it’s very first true French-style Rosé.  Even though it’s the baby on the wine list, this dry Rosé made its mark by receiving a gold award before even being labelled. The team is looking forward to the rest of this year as we have been very fortunate and grateful thus far.  It shows that hard work, combined with passion and team work does indeed make a difference in a product. For more information on these beautiful wines, get in touch with one of the Waverley Hills team-members by e-mailing or calling 023-231 0002